Commercial Alarm – Prerequisite for Business Premises Insurance

Applying for business premises insurance can save your business a lot of trouble in the event of several different problems, however many insurers have prerequisites for acceptance into a business premises insurance program. The most common prerequisite is a commercial alarm system. Alarm systems are very common for businesses that work with valuable materials or goods, and thus might be more prone to people entering the premises without permission. Here, we’ll go over how an alarm system can benefit your business, as well as how you can use it to acquire business premises insurance.

A commercial alarm system features all the forms of protection that you might expect from a home security system, such as sensors placed at entry points, audible alarms, and automatic notifications sent to the authorities in the event of a break-in. However, business alarm systems also come equipped with additional security features that set them apart. For example, your commercial security system might feature cameras tied to a central control centre, which can be monitored by personnel. Not only do cameras show potential intruders that, if they try anything, they will be caught on tape (thus making them less likely to even try), but also help authorities track perpetrators down.

Commercial alarm systems are not only used to get authorities on the scene in the event of a break in or other crime, but are also used to deter crime in the first place. Potential burglars will see cameras, signs, and more that indicate your business is secure, and most will simply go somewhere else to cause trouble. If a burglar misses these queues or decides to ignore them, he or she may be frightened off by the audible alarm that is triggered when the premises is broken into. Thus, commercial security systems provide multiple levels of defence for your business.

A commercial alarm system will also make you eligible for a variety of different types of business premises insurance, which can be custom tailored to suit your particular business. Business premises insurance, also called commercial building insurance, is designed to help provide financial assistance in the event that your business is damaged or compromised in any way during the event of a break in. When you combine business premises insurance with a solid commercial security system, you will have virtually nothing to worry about in terms of your business being at risk from break-ins or theft.

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