Commercial Alarms: Monitored or Unmonitored Commercial Alarms?

It is a fact: Commercial alarms prevent crimes. While posting signage about your alarm system may only provide a small deterrent, a criminal thinks twice after actually tripping that alarm system. In the event that a door is battered down or a window is broken, a good commercial alarm with siren and strobe light can turn the tides on your criminal, drawing attention to the act and causing an immediate retreat. However, some businesses make such tempting targets that the criminal may actually remain on the scene for some moments after the alarm sounds. In these cases, a monitored alarm is the best approach.

Monitored commercial alarms are overseen from a central location. In the event that the alarm is triggered, the operators in charge of supporting the alarm will summon the proper authorities right away. While any alarm is certainly better than none at all, there is no doubt that monitored alarms are the best solution if your business makes an especially tempting target or if you operate in an area where businesses are known to be the favoured target of thieves. The sooner police can be alerted, the more likely it is that the trespasser will be caught and pose no further threat.

Naturally, you can benefit from these commercial alarms since you won’t have to spend all of your time monitoring them yourself. That said, there are other considerations that might prove even more valuable to you. Business insurers always take into account the level of protection from crime your business has. When your business has been properly “hardened” against crime, the insurer is less likely to take a loss and will pass savings on to you. This can reduce your expenses in an important category and if handled correctly, can effective subsidise your alarm. It’s good for your business and your bottom line.

When it comes to commercial alarms, monitored alarm systems will be the appropriate way to go for most business owners. During the process of installing your monitored alarm, Eagle Security Solutions will help you assess any special risks inherent in your property and make sure that these are efficiently dealt with. We have years of experience devising commercial alarm setups for all kinds of small businesses and commercial properties and only use the best, tamper-proof alarm systems. Once a commercial alarm is installed, merely making others aware that your property is monitored makes it that much less likely anything untoward will occur.

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