Home Security – Different Ways to Approach Home Security

While you cannot ensure your home will never be targeted by an opportunistic thug, you can make sure you are well protected in the event that someone tries to break into your home. These days, there are more ways to bolster your home’s defences than ever before. Here are some basic systems you should be aware of when upgrading your home security.

1) Monitored Alarms: When it comes to home security, monitored alarms are the systems we think of most often. In a monitored system, there are generally different “segments” of alarm placed throughout your home; for example, each of your doors will be protected, your windows, and so on. These divide the building up into zones. If one “zone” is violated, the professionals monitoring your alarm system are alerted. If a second “zone” is triggered, the authorities are summoned. Criminals often flee when an alarm goes off.

2) CCTV Cameras: Everyone in London and the Home Counties is familiar with the idea of the CCTV camera. What you may not know is that these cameras can be a versatile and elegant home security solution. Cameras can be triggered based on detection of motion or may run constantly. If you have mobile internet devices such as a smartphone, you can review your CCTV at any time and call the authorities no matter where you are. These cameras are good for ensuring help arrives before the criminal escapes.

3) Entry Systems: One of the most powerful “passive” home security options is the entry system. No doubt practically everyone in the United Kingdom is familiar with a basic intercom system. However, modern systems can have all sorts of other features. Today’s most powerful entry systems provide video footage of anyone approaching your door. This allows you to verify the identity of anyone outside. These entry systems can reduce the risk of being attacked or suffering from a “home invasion” in which criminals literally plan to catch you at home.

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