Getting Inside a Burglar’s Mind to Protect Your House

Getting Inside a Burglar’s Mind to Protect Your HouseBurglars are sneaky and know every trick in the book to break into your house. They know that if you are not vigilant, they will find a kink in your routine and exploit it to rob you. After much thinking, we decided to take a different approach to employ home security measures.

What would they do?

Here’s what we came up with:

Cancel Your Newspaper Subscription

Do you know how burglars find out that your house is sitting empty because you are on vacation? The number of newspapers on your front porch tells them the lights are out for good. Another dead giveaway is the overgrown lawn. So first, cancel the newspaper subscription and pay your neighbor’s kids to mow the lawn and water it.

Making the “Hey, Can I Use Your Bathroom” Excuse

We have seen it dozens of times in movies that a man posing as a TV repairman or a plumber knocks on your door and asks if they could use your bathroom. They will have plenty of excuses such as how the bathroom of the house they are making repairs in is not working, or they are fixing the pipeline. Don’t fall for these excuses! Even if they ask for a glass of water, lock the door behind you and let them wait outside. Hand out water in a disposable glass so that there’s need for further interaction.

They Look Familiar

Do you pay attention to the street sweeper or garbage man that work in your neighbourhood? The mail man who usually delivers in your area? There are plenty of other working class people that you seldom give a second thought. To most of us, these people look quite familiar. You never know who is knocking on your door. Make sure that your alarm system is in place so that if someone tries to force their way in, you can alert the police.

Install Window Lock Sensors on the 2nd Story Bedroom Windows

Since the bedrooms are always located upstairs, burglars use the windows in there as entry points. You can install a glass break sensor for the downstairs rooms and window lock sensors in the bedroom because this is where your jewelry and money is kept.

Install one more lock on the kitchen window, if it faces the side of the house. This is a good hiding spot and even someone on the streets won’t be able to notice the break-in.

Secure the Safe

If your safe is not bolted to the wall or the ground, the burglar can pick up the entire thing and walk out with it.

Get Yourself a Best Friend

A dog scares away most burglars. If they are not afraid of the dog, they will be afraid of the loud barks that will create a ruckus and the jig will be up.

And that’s how you protect your house. Wasn’t it fun to think like a thief and beat them at their own game?

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