Honeywell Galaxy G2 – An Introduction to the Honeywell Galaxy G2

When it comes to home security, Honeywell is one of the most trusted brands in the United Kingdom. Many prestigious London-based businesses make use of this brand exclusively in protecting their commercial premises. If they can create a system that will be suitable for a multi-floor commercial building, you can rest assured that Honeywell will be able to meet any residential needs. One of the best things about the brand is the constant dedication to improvement; it seems as if better security systems are always being prepared. The Honeywell Galaxy G2 is among the very latest.

Many people do not realise how effective wireless security systems are. A wireless system can be installed even more easily than a fully wired system since there is no need to diagram the entire building or do any drilling. With today’s technology, concerns about hacking a wireless alarm system are also unfounded but it seems the top minds at Honeywell have heard users’ concerns and set out to address them with an even more robust alarm system. At the core of the Honeywell Galaxy G2 concept is the idea of a hybrid alarm system that incorporates the best from wireless and fully wired alarm systems.

Those who have misgivings about wireless technology will find that there is no more secure wireless alarm on the market. The Honeywell Galaxy G2 features the new and improved RF portal, a state of the art two-way wireless interface. This interface is wired directly into the G2 control panel to ensure that it receives the durability and protection of the panel’s on-board electronics. With the Honeywell, the entire home can be covered by an “always on” web of wireless connectivity.

Choosing the Honeywell Galaxy G2, you have the option of establishing a “bells only” alarm or using monitored options. When you pick a monitored alarm, your home or business will be under constant protection from a centralised location. The monitored alarm scheme comes with alarm maintenance to ensure that your defense will never lapse. These plans are available at a minimal cost to our London and Home Counties customers.

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