How Businesses Can Benefit From Fire Alarms

Fire alarm control panelFire accidents were quite common in residential and commercial building until 17th century. In order to reduce damages, Moses Farmer and Dr. William F. Channing invented the first fire alarm system in 1950s. Francis Robbins Upton is the man behind the development of first automatic electric fire alert system. Initially, the product was rejected by masses. However, it became a success once people started to understand its advantages. Nowadays, offices are bound by governments to install security systems for the safety of employees.


Major Causes:

Business offices and factories contain documents and combustible materials that can easily catch fire. If employees are not careful enough, these materials can damage the office premises. The workers must be trained on how to use potentially harmful equipment without causing fire. Faulty electrical connections are one of the major reasons behind fire accidents. It is the responsibility of organizations to hire professional workers for regular maintenance of electrical equipment.


Benefits of Fire Alarms:

When it comes to fire accidents, fire alarm systems can assist you in controlling damages. Let’s have a look at the ways a fire alarm proves to be effective:


Inexpensive Investment:

Fire alarm is a cost-efficient solution for the safety of your office. It covers a large area and alerts people about potential fire event without any delay. Moreover, you can avoid costly damages to property and save lives of workers through appropriate actions. As per the report of National Fire Protection Association, a majority of casualties are caused by inhalation of smoke rather than the fire itself.


Increased Productivity:

Fire alarm systems make employees feel safe. They are aware that the fire alarms can alert them in due time allowing them to save their lives by rushing out. A peaceful environment helps them invest their energies in completing their tasks. The more stress-free they are, the more focused they can be on their work.


Reduced Insurance Premium:

A majority of professional businesses insure their offices in order to reduce repair costs in case of any damages. The presence of fire alarms ensures that there are lesser chances of accidents. Therefore, insurance companies decrease premium by 10% to 15%. Moreover, it is recommended to install a sprinkler along with the fire alarm system to take immediate actions.


Modern Fire Alert Systems:

Many different types of fire alert systems are available in markets that allow businesses to choose suitable equipment as per their requirements.


Wireless Fire Alarms:

Wireless fire alarm systems are compact in size and are extremely easy to install. They are efficient systems and are almost free from false positive alerts. The employees must leave the office premises immediately upon listening to the alarm as a security measure.


Smoke Detectors:

Smoke detection systems contain plastic tubes that take samples of air and analyze their quality. It is an efficient device that detects smoke quickly. Due to their small size and easy installation method, you can install them virtually everywhere. They help you take action even before the occurrence of a fire breakout.

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