How Covert CCTV Cameras Enhance Security

CCTV CameraCCTV cameras offer have various benefits, but you can make them even more effective by installing them at hidden locations. Until a few years ago, only government authorities and private investigators used covert cameras. However, residential and commercial building owners are also benefitting from them today. High resolution cameras capture motion in real-time. High security areas, such as military bases, also utilize night vision cameras to keep threats away. Smart and strategic installation of high quality cameras can help you keep your house or office premises safe.


Where to Install a Covert Camera?

When it comes to covert surveillance cameras, the major question that arises in our mind is “Where should I install it to increase its efficacy?”
It is a common practice to hide covert cameras behind electronic items to keep them away from naked eye. Wireless covert cameras are easier to use than wired ones. The wires are relatively difficult to hide and require a power source nearby. They are more prone to damages and can be detected by a person. However, you can easily install wireless cameras in outdoor locations, inside your office or in the living room of your house. Make sure that you do not breach local privacy laws.

You can get a hidden camera in disguise of a wall clock. You can install it in living room or bedroom to monitor the activities of your children. Air purifiers are also a great source of hiding a security camera. Another useful option is an electrical outlet. You can replace a screw or LED with especially-designed covert cameras. They are almost impossible to detect but are extremely useful.



German citizens found a new way to record their protest against CCTV cameras. They considered CCTV cameras to be against their privacy rights. In 2013, they introduced a game, called Camover. It is similar to Grand Theft Auto in real life. The rules are that the participants have to target cameras with paintballs. The more cameras a person targets, the more points they will get. Anyone can start the game in a crowd by shouting the terms Brigade, Cell or Command out loud along with the name of a historical person.

Initially, it was a harmless game in which protestors only made cameras useless. However, some violent protestors started using more harmful equipment. They used axes, hammers and whatnot to break as many CCTV cameras as they could. Covert cameras helped German authorities in dealing with similar issues. Protestors could not see disguised cameras, due to which they stayed safe. Moreover, government was able to take actions against violent protestors by identifying them with CCTV recordings.


Benefits for Business:

Covert cameras benefit businesses in multiple ways. You can install them inside the office premises to monitor the activities of your employees. You can also ensure that no visitor is a shoplifter. You can monitor your employees and take actions if they are involved in any harmful activity. These cameras are available in a disguise of pen and other items that offices normally use.

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