How to Keep Your Family Safe with ESP GuardCam

ESP GuardCamGuardCam security cameras have transformed conventional security systems. They are an advanced form of a standard CCTV camera which is equipped with bright LED lights. ESP GuardCams also have a voice alert system that produces warnings and thus allows homeowners to take appropriate actions. They are useful for residential buildings, offices and high security government organizations due to their efficacy. They are usually installed in outdoor locations to keep burglars away.


Guardcams are based on PIR motion detection technology. The camera captures video of surrounding area in real-time. The motion sensors monitor the area and send signals to LED lights upon detecting any unusual activity. The lights immediately turn on upon receiving the signals. The lights alert the homeowners and they can lock their house or call emergency services to ensure their safety. Moreover, a voice alert system is also present that transmits recorded message upon detecting any motion.


As compared to standard CCTV cameras, ESP GuardCam benefits you in the following ways:



Wireless ESP GuardCam is an efficient solution for security requirements of your home. It brightens the whole area of coverage using floodlights without consuming much electricity. It uses LED technology to provide bright light. The speakers for generating voice alert are also energy-efficient and do not lead to a sudden increase in your electricity bill.

The LED lights stay on until the sensors keep noticing any movement. As soon as the object leaves the area, the lights automatically turn off. Burglars exploit the motion detection technology by stopping movement for sometime without leaving the house premises. However, the inclusion of video camera ensures that you can check the outdoor area on your own from a safe distance.


Effective Results:

ESP GuardCam is a reliable method of keeping your family and possessions safe from intruders. It uses a high quality mechanism to monitor the activities in outdoor area of your house. You can install it in garage, front or rear garden and car porch. It effectively monitors and records live video of the area. It is an all-in-one solution that attempts to decrease crime rate and alerts homeowners in time to take an appropriate action against criminals.


Storage Capacity:

Modern ESP GuardCams are equipped with an efficient storage device that can save recordings for days. Depending on the resolution of video camera, it records high quality videos. A majority of security companies offer the devices with a 4GB memory card. However, you can replace it with a card of up to 32 GB for effective recording. Larger memory size ensures that you can keep your home safe from intruders even when you are away on vacations.


CCTV cameras prove to be extremely effective in ensuring the security of houses. When you combine the camera with additional security equipment, their efficacy is significantly increased. ESP GuardCam is your go-to solution that contains a video recorder, LED floodlights and audio alert system. It is based on Passive Infrared sensor technology that takes appropriate action upon sensing any movement.

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