How to Keep Your Home Secure From Afar

Let’s say you’re off to a vacation; who’ll look after your house in the meanwhile? Well, there are a number of different security measures you can take to keep your home secure when you’re not around.


1. Install a Professionally Monitored Home Security System

The best way to protect your home from burglaries and break-ins is by having a home security system, which includes door and window sensors. Installing a monitored home security system will be in your favour as the alarm company will automatically contact the authorities in case of a breach while you’re away.


2. Install Outdoor Security Lights

Homes that are dark are more likely to be robbed. If you illuminate areas on the outside from which a burglar could enter (such as the back door), it will deter criminal activity because they’ll be afraid of being caught. Also, these lights will make it seem like someone is home and discourage potential criminals from trying to break in.


3. Install a Video Doorbell

This lets you answer your front door from anywhere. It can be connected to your phone, so each time the doorbell rings, you get an alert and you can speak to and see the visitor.


4. Invest In Security Cameras

If you place security cameras inside and outside your property, you are more likely to catch a criminal in the act and deter them from robbing you. They’re a great way of keeping an eye on your house and ensuring it’s safe from afar.


5. Install Strong Locks

Remove your traditional locks which are easy to pick and invest in stronger ones. It’s also a good idea to add a dead bolt to entryway doors. In case of sliding glass doors, install locks that wedge between the track and the door to make sure someone cannot open them from the outside.


6. Lock Everything

This is a simple step which you need to remember before leaving your home. Make sure all the windows and doors are properly shut and locked and the curtains and blinds are closed.


7. Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

Even if someone ends up breaking in, there are still ways to ensure your valuables are safe. This is by making sure that they are in a Safe, which cannot be accessed by just anyone.


8. Don’t Publicly Show That You’re Away

Avoid showing on your social media that you’ll be away because that’ll attract attention and potential criminals. So if you keep your whereabouts hidden, you are less prone to robbery.

There’s also other more basic stuff you can do such as leave a key with a friend or your neighbour to keep checking up on your home, hide your spare key, and lock the garage door (basically all entry and exit points). Either way, Eagle Security Solutions provides you with a range of devices to keep your home secure from afar.

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