How to Make Your Home Safe for Young Kids

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You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your family, particularly young kids. You may be surprised by the fact that unintentional injury is the leading cause of deaths among children.

You ought to keep an eye on kids to ensure that they don’t get near switchboards, stoves or other types of equipment that can endanger their lives. However, it’s not easy to monitor their each and every action.

But there’s nothing to worry about. We have some useful tips for you that will help you keep your kids safe and sound. Here are these:

Install a Home Security System

The installation of a home security system should be your top-most priority. If kids are alone at home, they may leave the front door open, making it easy for intruders to enter. Not only does it risk the precious lives of your kids, but you may also end up losing other valuable possessions.

However, if there’s a comprehensive security system in place, you can enjoy peace of mind. Opt for a door entry system, garage door locks, CCTV cameras, and burglar alarms to keep intruders at bay. Moreover, it’d also be a good option to invest in fire alarms and smoke detectors for added safety.

Watch Kids around Water

Drowning is another major cause of injuries and deaths among kids. Young kids and toddlers can drown in indoor swimming pools, bathtubs, and hot tubs if you aren’t cautious.

Never leave a bucket of water near children, particularly large buckets since children can get drowned. While bathing your baby, don’t leave them alone in the bathtub even for a minute. If you need to answer a phone call or open the main door, wrap your child in a towel and take them with you.

Make sure that indoor pools and bathtubs are fenced and have a safety cover. Moreover, keep bathroom doors and toilet lids closed when they aren’t in use.

Keep Chemicals and Medicines Away

Children are tempted to explore their surroundings. If they find household chemicals or medicines, they may consume these and end up risking their lives. So, be cautious and make sure you don’t leave harmful substances around them.

Keep medicines and household chemicals or poisons locked up in a cupboard. If you intend to use chemical cleaning products in your kitchen or bathrooms, make sure you close the door once you’re done with cleaning for the safety of your kids.

Prevent Suffocation

After feeding your baby, don’t forget to remove their bib. They may not be able to remove it, which can lead to suffocation.

If your baby drinks bottle milk, don’t force them to drink it. They may not be able to spit it out if they can’t breathe. Moreover, if you’ve brought a dummy for your kids, make sure you’re around them when they use it. If it suffocates them, you can remove it in a timely manner. Your small mistakes can ruin your entire life. So, be cautious and take good care of young kids to protect them from life-threatening dangers.

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