Is a DIY Home Security System Worth the Risk?

diy home security systems

Do you avidly read the DIY tips section in every household related blog? Are you often seen with a screwdriver and a toolbox around the house?

Odds are that you’ve already fiddled with your regular security system to make it more advanced. You probably think that it works fine and has saved you lots of money.

But is that really true?

Here are a few safety risks people don’t consider when they apply DIY tactics to beef up their security systems:

1. Reliability Factor

The first in the list of safety risks of DIY home security systems is the reliability factor.  The thing is that these simple contraptions are too basic, to begin with. So an average burglar can get past this shady system without any resistance.

Plus, some DIY alarm systems go off without cause. This makes you immune to their sounds when something sinister really lurks under your roof.

2. Extra Costs

DIY home security systems are considered affordable because they cut down the installation costs. But no one warns you of the persisting problems that arise after the installation phase. Honestly speaking, you’re more likely to pay double the amount when you maintaining your homemade security systems than a proper one. That’s because you’ll have to find your own add-ons and often hire private repairmen who will charge you more than those affiliated with security companies.

3.  Shaky Premises

Another reason why investing in DIY methods of home security is bust is the fact that they aren’t always functional. Subsequently, self-installation often leads to botched jobs. So you might think that your system is working but it probably isn’t. Moreover, wireless systems can be easily hacked or get switched off due to technical glitches.

Hence, it is easy to presume that your decision wasn’t safe from the get-go.

4.  No Man’s Land

No matter what the DIY-guides tell you, your domestic version of a home security system is inferior to the company-bought one. That’s because the DIY home security systems aren’t integrated with the police and first-respondent database. So you’ll be left to fend for yourself when the intruder steps into your home.

Therefore, this kind of alienation from the security officials is highly inadvisable.

Other safety risks of DIY home security systems include:

  • A lack of warranty and insurance
  • It hasn’t been tested to protect you from all kinds of security breaches
  • It is rather difficult to get it upgraded or restored by professionals

On the whole, DIY home security systems are a dodgy way to protect your house. Not only are they insufficient barriers to evade criminals but they don’t exactly save you from paying expensive bills either. Therefore, our advice is to ditch those cheap thrills and hire professionals like Eagle Security Solutions. The company offers affordable services, efficient tech support, and customer service that accommodate all your home security needs. y40

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