Monitored Alarm Systems Are Insurance Approved

Monitored alarm systems are probably the most reliable security systems there are. They have stood the test of time and have improved with it. They are available with all sorts of features that you could only image a few years ago. You can get standard ‘bells only’ which is a traditional system but monitored alarm gives you features such as around the clock monitoring by the alarm company, police response, remote resets etc. Most home alarms which are monitored are insurance approved so you can get a discount on your home insurance. They are easy to set and disarm. Each has a siren and a strobe light. They are a great way to deter burglars.

Be assured that you are getting alarm monitoring systems that comply with current standards in Britian and Europe. Guarantees on parts and labour on the installation ensure that you are getting high quality systems. Look for the NSI certificate of compliance or SSAIB approval. This ensures that the installation was done by a professional and is guaranteed. The basic alarm system gives you great coverage. Even with bells only you will also get LCD keypad, siren and strobe light, a magnetic door contact, several motion sensors, battery backup, professional installations, parts and labour guarantees,  approval by your insurance, and all for fewer than 400 pounds.

Though the bells only alarm serves to deter most would be trespassers, these are sadly ignored by far too many neighbours. Monitored alarms give that added protection. You can count on the fact that someone will check things out for you. In addition to all the basic offerings of the bells only systems, the monitored alarm systems offer an added element of protection. You get proximity reader tags to disarm the system, routine inspection services and emergency call outs.

Your monitored alarm system always includes contact with someone to check things out for you. This might be key holders you trust or the police. You can also employ the services of a keyholding company to attend your premises on your behalf if the alarm activates. You will pay a little bit more for these features as well as a police registration fee. The fee you pay to the police is a one off. You can also get alarm signalling on a 0800 number for a small fee. This allows you to cover all your bases and ensure that your home is always protected.

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