National Security Inspectorate – NSI

The National Security Inspectorate, NSI, is an independent body that conducts inspection services for the fire and security industries in the UK. This approvals and certification body inspects companies that provide fire services, home security and business security. Choosing an NSI approved company gives you the assurance that the contractor you chose meets the highest recognised standards in the industry as demanded by the insurance industry, Fire and Police and Rescue Services.

National Security Inspectorate was formed in 1972, and is based in Maidenhead, UK. The National Security Inspectorate has full-time properly trained and qualified auditors who perform inspection fire and security tasks. They inspect the companies and their services twice a year. National Security Inspectorate approves over 1500 companies across the UK, thereby providing customers with a large number of contractors to choose from. National Security Inspectorate is a not-for-profit body and is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This accreditation service is recognised by the Government.

For more than 30 years, National Security Inspectorate has been providing protection to the customer by requiring the highest standards and conducting the toughest inspection practices. Companies are inspected on a regular basis, by well qualified, full-time inspectors, in order to ensure that they continually deliver the highest standards. National Security Inspectorate’s Customer Care support procedure reinforces the integrity and reliability of the companies it inspects.

When it comes to selecting security companies, it is advisable to choose a company approved by the National Security Inspectorate. This certification body has a mission to raise standards in the fire and security industries and so they have the interests of the customer in mind. National Security Inspectorate believes that every customer deserves a professional service from fire and security companies. They strive to ensure that, no matter if the customer is an individual householder or a large commercial organisation, the customer is treated in a professional way.

The continued undermining of standards by irresponsible companies is a threat to all customers. It is National Security Inspectorate’s motivation to identify the good companies and separate them from the poor performers.

Companies approved by National Security Inspectorate must prove their competence on a continual basis. These companies are the best and therefore are reliable. Any fire and security company that has not been approved by National Security Inspectorate or other recognised inspectorate should be approached carefully. In fact, you should challenge its credentials.

Approved companies are regularly monitored to ensure they adhere to appropriate British and European requirements and Codes of Practice set forth by the National Security Inspectorate.

The National Security Inspectorate has provided approval and certification to the security industry for over 30 years, and has made a major contribution in maintaining high standards in order to benefit the customer. For many years, National Security Inspectorate has strived to keep pace with the latest technologies by adapting and developing its services. It has also kept pace with relevant and ever-increasing needs and expectations of the customer.

Today, National Security Inspectorate’s owl brand is well recognised and highly regarded as the symbol of quality in the security and fire sectors. Buyers and specifiers have come to trust that symbol. National Security Inspectorate approval is only awarded to companies that can consistently satisfy exacting standards.

The National Security Inspectorate remains steadfastly independent whilst working closely with the police, insurers, and the rescue and fire services. Its approved companies are provided with a quality mark to be proud of.

For the customer, utilising the services of a company approved by the National Security Inspectorate provides the reassurance of dealing with a professional and competent provider.

The National Security Inspectorate has invested in online training course. It offers an eLearning247’s integrated course which is authoring software that delivers their training programme online. eLearning247 will be working closely with the NSI and are providing a range of top quality resources in order to help the NSI get started smoothly. Whilst their core business is still fully centred on their traditional centres of excellence, they strive to respond to their need for more highly trained staff.

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