• MCS-720 Wireless Indoor Siren

Visonic MCS-720 Wireless Indoor Siren


  • Description

    Two-way Wireless Indoor Siren

    MCS-720 is the ideal indoor siren for residential and light commercial buildings, particularly where outdoor sirens are prohibited. This cost effective, two-way wireless siren produces all alerts, with differentiated alarm sounds for intrusion and fire. The extremely strong siren sound and built-in high-power white strobe light ensure the alarm gets noticed.


    Fully-supervised with no external power supply required, the siren unit can be installed at a distance from the control panel, allowing the panel to be placed in a concealed location where an intruder cannot see it. Because the siren produces all alerts, the control panel’s location remains a secret, preventing an intruder from discovering and disabling the panel’s alarm siren. The siren’s two-way communication maintain continual supervised communication with the control panel.


    MCS-720 is perfect for use in homes and apartments, vacant vacation homes and in small stores. Featuring an elegant, thin-profile design, it fits unobtrusively in any décor. The easy, cable-free installation guarantees time- and cost-efficient implementation and servicing.


    MCS-720 Features:

    • Ideal for use in a wide range of private and commercial sites, including large complexes and multi-story buildings
    • Two-way continuously supervised communication with the control panel
    • High-power audial and visual arming and disarming notifications
    • 110dB piezo siren
    • High-power built-in strobe light (white)
    • Distinguishes between fire and burglar alarms, emitting a different sound for each
    • Fast and easy adjustment-free installation with no cabling work
    • Double tamper protection – cover and wall tampers
    • Wall or flush mounting options
    • Protected and fully enclosed electronics area
    • Compatible with selected version of PowerMax:
    • PowerMaxPro versions 4.4.23, 5.0.06 and 5.2.00 and up
    • PowerMaxComplete versions 1.0.03, 1.5.00 and 2.0.0 and up
    • PowerMaxExpress version 1.0.01 and up
    • Complies with European EN50131-1 Grade 2 and other international standards
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