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BPT Thangram 1-Way Entry Panel with Perla Audio Unit

Fully Installed


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THANGRAM is a BPT’s range of modular entry panels designed for use with the IP digital-technology system (XIP system). The entry panels in the THANGRAM range are distinctive for their attractive, innovative styling and unparalleled performance.

Perla is a wall-mounted full-duplex hands-free audio receiver which provides excellent audio quality.

Perla Handset Features:

  • Full-duplex hands-free audio
  • Door lock release Enable/Disable audio in conversation
  • Two controls to enable auxiliary functions
  • Two intercommunicating calls
  • Ring volume control over 3 levels (low, medium, high)
  • Ring disabling with luminous signal
  • Programmable melodies for entry panel and input calls
  • Differentiated melodies for intercommunicating device or porter calls
  • Programming of number of rings for entry panel calls
  • Available in Ice White and Fusion black colours

PAKAGE includes:

      • BPT Thangram entry panel in attractive design with 1 call button
      • Perla hands-free handset in white or black colour with a door release button
      • VAS/101 power supply
      • R/1 relay
      • 2-Way voice communication
      • Professional installation

Price includes standard installation and 12 months warranty. Electronic door latch, if required, will be charged as an extra.