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CAME BPT Standard MTM 1-Way Video Intercom with XTS 7IP Monitor

Fully Installed

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MTM has an extensive range of modular configurations, that are compatible with five different systems, allowing multiple functions to be carried out. It’s clean design has strong aesthetic appeal in all installation scenarios, while maintaining simple functionality.

The XTS 7 inch video Wi-Fi monitor enables users to open their front door from a smartphone. Itís high-resolution glass screen with moth eye finish ensures perfect viewing in all lighting conditions. The minimal design and quality of the materials exalt its elegance, whether you choose the white or black version.

XTS is equipped with a Wi-Fi card and with a simple configuration can be connected to the internet. In this way you can use the video door entry system remotely via your smartphone or tablet. The XTS system can support a maximum of four simultaneous APP connections per call. It is supplied with these 4 App licences included.

Entry Panel Features:

  • Digital Display
  • Proximity Reader Housing
  • Anodised and frosted natural aluminium finish
  • Unique design without typical speaker holes
  • High efficiency illuminator with anti-dazzle diffuser
  • Acoustic and visual signals
  • HD resolution (IP Camera version only) and HDR technology (High Dynamic Range)
  • Backlighting of blue or white label holders with intensity adjustment
  • Front mini USB for firmware updates and programming
  • Up to 98 call buttons and unlimited digital calls

Handset Receiver:

  • Colour: Black
  • Speaker audio/intercom calls
  • 7î TFT (Thin Film Transistor) touch screen display with Optical Bonding technology, integrated Wi-Fi for remote calls on smartphones running the dedicated APP
  • Moth eye display provides anti-glare feature
  • Wi-Fi and Graphical User Interface: User interface for managing video intercom functions, intercom calls, video-messaging.
  • Auxiliary/porter call functions
  • Self-inserting video from entry panels
  • Adjust/exclude ringtone (with alert LED when excluded)
  • Video answering service and video recording
  • Panic button for emergency call to the porter
  • Local or POE power supply