Paxton Net2 Entry – A Simpler, Powerful Entry System

Entry systems are one of the biggest components of modern security systems today and are well worth considering when you want to give yourself and your home the kind of security and convenience that you deserve. There are numerous brands and models out there, and the Paxton Net2 Entry system is one of the very best. Taking a quick look at it will help you determine if it’s the best call for you. In many cases, it will be.

The Paxton Net2 Entry works with the Paxton Net2 Access Control or all on its own. It is used similarly to most other video entry systems. To begin with, visitors to your home will use the easy to identify button on the external panel. This begins a video call that is sent to your interior panel and allows you to answer, talk, and view the person at your door. To grant entry, a simple touchscreen interface is used. It’s that simple – a visitor uses the bell button, you answer and determine whether or not to grant access. And since the internal monitor has a handset for privacy or a hands free mode for easy use, it works in multiple ways.

Additionally, access to the building is also possible through use of a PIN number or with a proximity token, allowing those who are always welcome to come and go as they please.

While the performance and the simplicity of the Paxton Net2 Entry system helps it stand out, the fact that it is easy to add to your home’s current system is another reason that it’s so popular. It’s a plug and play entry system that utilises Cat5 or RJ45 cables and doesn’t need spate power supplies, and users can choose from wall mounted monitors or desktop models. Additionally, the system is fully scalable so that upgrading to larger systems or more advanced ones at a later date is very easy to do.

Those looking for the best in home security and entry systems will have a lot of different options. But there’s no doubt that the Paxton Net2 Entry system is one that is well worth considering, especially if a Paxton Net2 system is already in place. Even if it isn’t, this is an affordable option that is easy to install and will provide very real, high-quality results for those who need them. It’s a system that is gaining in popularity daily, and with good reason.

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