Application of Redcare GSM in Security Systems

Redcare is one of the most trusted names in security of homes and businesses. They take every alarm seriously and their specialty is communication in emergency situations. Their round the clock monitoring assures you that your home and business are safe from intruders, fires, and other problems. The application of Redcare GSM in security systems provides the ultimate in security that Redcare has to offer. No alarm can ever be overlooked with this dual notification system. Redcare uses the phone lines which are protected by continuous line fault monitoring, to communicate from an alarm system to the monitoring services. This is a service recommended by insurance companies for fire and security alarms in commercial and public premises.

Many alarm systems send out false alarms. But that is not the case with Redcare. The application of Redcare GSM in a security system means the system is professionally installed to high standards that reduce the amount of false alarms. Though they use the phone lines, they also provide constant monitoring of the phone lines to ensure that this route is satisfactory. But even in the event that the phone lines don’t work, the message will still get through. It is double the protection so that your home or business is always in good and competent hands.

The application of Redcare GSM in security systems requires a phone line such as BT. It is the highest level of protection available. It uses telephone line as well as GSM radio to get the alarm signals through no matter what. Both communication methods are constantly under surveillance to ensure that there is always a path for alarms to come through. If there is a problem with either the phone line or the GSM, this information is relayed to Redcare, who takes steps to remedy the problem as soon as it appears. There is always a way to get through with this excellent security system.

The application of Redcare GSM in security systems is perfect for high needs security situations such as commercial premises or high risk homes. It is far cry better from a bells only system that is easy to ignore. It is based upon reporting to the proper authorities so that something can actually be done about any situation that arises. Not only is it a monitored system, but it is also a backed up system that allows alarms to get through even if a crook is underhanded and cuts a phone line. The Redcare network is all about taking security to the next level.

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