Relevance of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systemsDoor entry systems are security mechanisms installed in the doors and at entry points to control and monitor who enters or leaves certain premises.

It is assumed by many people that door entry systems are worthless and inconsequential for maintaining security either at home or office premises, especially if you have more holistic security mechanisms like surveillance cameras.

However, this is a wrong notion and door entry systems work in tandem with other security apparatus to provide better security. Door entry systems still present many benefits and uses which makes them ideal mechanisms to install at your home or in office premises.

1.     Convenience and Ease

First and foremost, door entry systems offer much more convenience and ease over the traditional lock and key systems and doorbells.

Modern door entry systems operate on technology like proximity meters, coded locks or biometric readers. The first requires detection of easily available and cheap entry cards, the second requires a code, and the third needs a fingerprint or retinal scan.

All three are much more convenient and easy to use than carrying a key everywhere and unlocking and locking a door every time. They are even better suited for office premises where people are regularly coming in and out so a fast system is needed. The three systems outlined above don’t hamper traffic in any way.

2.     Costs

On the whole, door entry systems are not all that costly to install and may even be cheaper than the traditional lock and key systems. They also result in cost savings.

Firstly, modern door entry systems don’t really need a lot of wiring and such which takes expensive work in the home. They operate on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals thus are cheaper to set up than conventional security systems.

Furthermore, they don’t require keys or people getting up to open the door thus result in less time wasted at the workplace and this leads to better efficiency and cost savings.

3.     Better Protection

Unlike traditional lock and key systems or more conventional entry systems, modern door entry systems offer better protection, particularly for high stakes or no go areas. You cannot fool a biometric reader and there is no technique or hack to bypass it. Similarly, you cannot open a proximity lock unless you have the corresponding key card.

This makes them much safer and impervious to being bypassed or unlocked thus they provide complete and total protection.


As can be seen clearly, door entry systems still provide a lot of merits and uses which makes using them alongside regular security a more than worthy proposition. As is said, best not to have all your eggs in one basket.

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