Security Locks Are A Fact Of Life

Security locks are a part of everyday living. Many different types of locks are manufactured to meet a variety of needs for different levels of security. These range from the simple padlock with a key to the very secure commercial electronic keypad.

Residential locks are used to make a home safe and secure for the occupants. The locks also serve to deter break in and theft of the possessions contained in the dwelling. Manufactured in many different styles, the home security lock is a sturdy basic lock to guard both doors and windows. The keyed latch is a basic form of the home lock while the electric keypad dead bolt is more advanced.

Padlocks of all types are a portable type of security locking system. They are transported to where ever the owner needs to provide security for an object, a room, a building, or used with a chain or cable. The uses for a padlock are as numerous as the people who need them. Padlocks range from the simple keyed version to the push button combination type.

Electric locks are used when a key is not desired. This group is built in many forms beginning with the push button key pad and extending to the very sophisticated finger print scanner type. One very popular type is the card scanner found in hotels worldwide. Most of the electronic locks are found in corporate buildings where a large number of employees need to have access to an area.

Security locks are used in all areas of home and business activities. Whether guarding a home to keep the people within safe and sound or maintaining control office and factory buildings, some forms of security locks can be found on the premises. Unsecured locations are uncommon in the society found in most areas of the world.

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    Bless you for trying to describe the terminlogy towards the inexperienced persons!

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