Signs That Your Burglar Alarm Needs to Be Renewed

Burglar alarms are often the desired security solution for a number of homeowners. If you have a burglar alarm installed at your house, you know that it has various parts that need monitoring to ensure it is working properly.

These include: batteries, sensors, motion detectors and controls etc. Among the many problems a burglar alarm can face, faulty wiring and blown fuses are easy to detect. Other signs that indicate a need for renewal of your burglar alarm are explained below:

Battery Issues

One of the major problems with any alarm system is the battery acting up. The two signs to look out for in that case are explained below.

  1. Beeping keypad:

Many alarm systems begin to beep when the battery is low and needs to be renewed. Most batteries require renewal every three to five years. So if it’s been longer since you serviced your alarm system, you should look for battery replacements or look to renew your burglar alarm altogether.

  • Warning on the LCD Display:

Another indicator of battery replacement is a code being displayed on the LCD screen. It could look like the following: LOW BATTERY, LO BAT.

Sensor Problems

If the sensor constantly shows that it is tampered or that a particular zone is violated then it is a sign that your burglar alarm is no longer working to the best of its ability. This normally means false alarms are being sounded regularly.

Motion Detector problems

To check if the motion sensor/detector is working properly, two people are required. One person needs to pass in front of the motion detector and the other needs to be at the keypad to see if the correct zone is shown as violated.

 If your motion detector is not working properly, the red light which senses motion will not light up. In that case, there is either a wiring or a power problem and it is better to renew your burglar alarm.

Smoke Detector Issues

Some burglar alarms come with smoke detectors as well. To see if your smoke detector is working properly, push the test button and see if it makes noise.

Controls not working

  1. Audible alarms:

The signal device indicates that the alarm has been activated. These include lights, sirens or horns. However, if no signal is sent despite the motion sensor detecting something, it may be time to renew your burglar alarm.

  • Monitored alarms:

These include a 24-hour telephone connection to a central monitoring station. The operators here can notify the police if necessary. However, if there is an issue in sending a signal to the monitoring station, then your security becomes compromised. The only way to know if this isn’t working is by testing the service annually. At Eagle Security Solutions, we offer maintenance as well as installation of alarm systems. So, if your burglar alarm is showing any such signs, you know where to go for a new one which will be monitored regularly!

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