Simple Steps To Prevent Burglary – Stop Burglars

With home burglary on the rise, many families are concerned with keeping their homes and families safe. There are plenty of things that can be done to deter burglars and keep a home safe and secure. Preventing burglary is about knowing a few key tips that will help make a home look like an unlikely target. There are also additional things like alarms and surveillance that can help deter burglars as well. CCTV and wireless systems can give owners constant access to the situation in and around their home through the internet.

The first thing to be done when owners want to know how to prevent burglary is to clean up the yard. When the appearance of a home is tidy it looks like regular maintenance is being done and that deters burglars. Don’t leave tools, toys or other items out lying around. It is always a good practice to not allow people into a home that are unknown. Even apartment buildings where a person has to be buzzed in to gain access, never allow anyone in that is unknown. Let the space around the home be a natural barrier to would be burglars.

Minimize places in the yard and near the house that might provide concealment. Put in lights and trim back hedges to that they will not become a burglar’s haven. When you leave home, be sure to close all doors and windows and lock them as well. Even if you are making a short trip down to the grocer, don’t leave an easy opportunity for a burglar. It is a good idea to install a peephole so the person knocking to come in can be seen before opening the door and opening the opportunity to break in forcefully.

Never leave notes on the door for delivery men or other visitors that you are away and when you will be back. That is a welcome mat for a burglar. If there is someone that needs to be let into a home while everyone is away, it is a better idea to get a lockbox and conceal a key in it. Make sure that keys are not left in obvious places such as under the mat or a flower pot. When keys become lost it is best to replace locks. Or when moving into a new home or apartment, new locks can be a good safety measure.

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