Smoke Alarms – Security and Safety Issues

When it comes to security and safety issues, people often overlook the importance of good smoke alarms or count them almost last on their priority list. Yes, it’s important to secure doorways, windows and other areas with motion detectors and other devices that alert police to an unauthorized intrusion but it is just as important to protect your property from fire. Fire is a deadly force that can engulf your dreams and all of your physical property in just minutes. In a fire, it doesn’t even have to be the flames that cause the most damage or death to humans and pets. Inhalation of smoke and other toxic chemicals is also a significant and deadly component to what makes a fire so dangerous.

When you employ a security consultant to review your home or business for security and safety, you should ask about smoke alarms and what it will take for you to get proper monitoring of your fire alarm system. Modern equipment and systems are capable of not only sounding an alarm but alerting police and the fire department simultaneously to your need for help. This is a much better way of getting help to your home or business quickly. You may have already passed out or succumbed to smoke, so this type of an alarm can be helpful when it detects heat and smoke as well as flame.

It’s a great idea to practice fire drills and other safety measure with your family and employees during or soon after the installation of security equipment and smoke alarms. If you are robbed at your cash register, your employees need to know in advance how they should try to react. Reactions may include being as calm as possible, handing over money immediately, and knowing how to press or activate a hidden alarm. Employees and family members should know where fire extinguishers are and which doorways they should exit in an orderly fashion in the event of a fire or emergency. You may even employ a code word with your family or staff to expedite their ability to get to safety.

Smoke alarms and other security system elements should be checked for any maintenance or battery concerns before they become issues. Show your family and staff how to deal with equipment during your absence. It’s also a great idea to help your staff understand how important it is to follow basic safety procedures like making sure doors are shut and locked properly at night, making sure lighting is on around the premise to provide some protection when walking through at night.

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