The Best Home Security Tips for Seniors

As people reach their retirement age, their health tends to deteriorate. They are more likely to fall and get injured due to weakness. If your parents or other elderly family members have refused to move into a retirement house, you should improvise their home to make it safe and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

You need a proper plan to ensure that your loved ones stay safe and sound. You should consider the following factors when developing a home safety plan:

Invest in Home Security

Burglars target elderly people who live on their own. It’s because they tend to overlook home security and can’t defend themselves in case of a burglary. But you can keep intruders at bay by installing an effective security system.

Install motion sensor floodlights in the garden and on the porch to deter burglars. Moreover, install CCTV cameras and sign a contract with professional security services. They will monitor the outdoor premises with the help of surveillance cameras and contact emergency services if an intruder tries to enter the house.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a video door entry system. Your elderly family members can answer doorbells after making sure that they recognize the person who is at the door to prevent robbery.

Emergency Alarms Are Important

No matter how healthy they are, you shouldn’t forget that elderly people face a higher risk of injuries and their health can suddenly deteriorate. Make sure the homes of your parents or other older family members are equipped with emergency alarms.

If they fall down or aren’t feeling well, they can alert emergency medical services via these alarms.

Prevent Falls

Falls are the leading cause of serious injuries and deaths among seniors. Around 30% of seniors fall at least once a year, whereas when it comes to people aged older than 80 years, the ratio is 50%.

If you want to prevent the risk of falls, you should take the following actions to protect your elderly family members from injuries

  • Install sufficient lights in the home
  • Opt for motion-censored lights that automatically turn on when someone enters the room
  • Clear the items lying in driveways and passageways and get rid of clutter
  • Secure rugs and carpets with tape
  • Buy slip-resistant mats for bathrooms and showers
  • Install handrails on the staircase
  • Highlight steps with the help of bright-coloured tape
  • Install grab rails in bathrooms

Stay in Touch with Neighbours

While it’s important for everyone to know their neighbours, it’s crucial for seniors to stay in touch with people around them. Not only does this help them socialize and overcome loneliness, but it also helps to deter burglars.

Your neighbours can keep an eye on your house and contact the police department if they notice someone is trying to enter the premises.

Seniors who live on their own have a higher risk of being robbed. Install a security solution and sign a yearly or monthly contract with professionals such as Eagle Security Solutions for maintenance and real-time monitoring services.

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