The Most Effective Domestic Crime Prevention Measures

The rate of domestic burglary in the United Kingdom has gone up by more than 30% in the recent years, according to Neighbourhood Watch. This includes robbery, sex offences, knife crimes and violent crimes.

Given this alarming increase in domestic crime, the UK population is seeking the most effective domestic crime prevention measures.

Eagle Security Solutions may be the answer to your domestic crime concerns. From Closed-Circuit television (CCTv) systems, door entry systems, home security systems and burglar alarms to wireless alarm systems; there are numerous ways to prevent domestic crime.


The advantage of installing CCTV security systems from us is that they come with a 12 month minimum parts and labour guarantee. It is an effective crime prevention measure for one’s house or business as one can view his or her premises via the internet on the television or smartphone as well. Potential criminals are discouraged from carrying out their planned activities if they see a CCTV installed on someone’s property. They are useful for businesses to keep track of the activities in general. 

 Burglar Alarms

When it comes to burglar alarms, there are two types offered in the market: wireless and wired. The benefits of wireless burglar alarms include the ease of installation, portability, lack of disruptions to property on which they are installed, and compatibility with modern technology. They can easily be disarmed through the use of your eye phone smartphones. Having burglar alarms allows you to feel at ease at home because you know you’ll be alerted in case of danger.

Door Entry Systems

In order to monitor the entrance to one’s premises, which is essential to preventing domestic crime, Eagle Security Solutions provides a wide variety of high-quality door entry systems such as Videx, Comelit, and AES wireless intercom systems. Intercom systems are especially beneficial when combined with CCTvs since then you can also have visual access to your property. If the entrance of your property is safe, you have will feel less anxious about crime occurring on it.

Home Alarm Systems

Home security systems that include wireless options offer an easy way to keep an eye on your home. When it comes to home alarm systems, other equipment, such as security lights, guard cams and smoke detectors are another way of ensuring your home is safe from intruders.  

Lastly, to ensure all these systems work to their level best, Eagle Security Systems offers services which include alarm monitoring and maintenance.  The alarm monitoring service ensures that any alert on your alarm system does not go undetected. The benefits of a monitored alarm include a regular review of security needs, help desk support and peace of mind for 24 hours a day as it is a reliable and consistent service. It’s clear that if you want to prevent domestic crime, you need to opt for one or a combination of these systems as it will ensure there is no undesirable activity on your property. deused1

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