The Purpose of Motion Sensors in Security Systems

The most utilised forms of motion sensors are in indoor or outdoor applications around homes and businesses.  The purpose is to prevent intruders from making their way into or around the inside of a building.  These devices are usually utilised as part of a home or business alarm system.  The technology allows them to respond to movement and alert someone or police authorities of the presence of an intruder.  Thus, by installing motion sensors inside your home or business, an intruder can’t bypass your alarm system even if they somehow find a way into the building.

Motion sensors are also referred to as motion detectors or infrared sensors. These devices are also utilised in security cameras and outdoor lights.  Here are some points you should know about motion sensors and how they can protect your home or business.

If you are familiar with motion sensors in businesses that trip the lights when a person enters the room, then you understand the basis of motion sensors for security purposes.  These are small units that are usually installed in the corner of rooms to get the best “view” of the entire area.  There are different versions of motion sensors for security purposes, including standard, pet friendly, quad, and anti-mask versions.  Each of these uses Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to sense movement by detecting heat changes in the space. Some motion detectors use a combination of PIR and microwave technologies to reduce false alarm incidents.

Even a simple, standard motion sensor can be used either indoors or outdoors, thanks to a waterproof coating that allows you to keep watch over the property around your home or business at night.  Quad motion sensors use a four-element passive infrared technology instead of only two like the dual versions.  Attempts to mask the signal are much more difficult to accomplish in anti-mask versions of motion sensors.

Motion sensors that are used as part of a wireless alarm system operate on batteries rather than through the mains power, so you should check the batteries regularly and change them when needed.  When a motion sensor is installed as part of a wired home security system, the device is powered by home electricity.  It can still work during power outages, however, thanks to a backup battery in the security control unit.  The installers you work with can help you determine the exact kind of motion sensors you should choose to protect your home or commercial premises, depending on your specific circumstances.

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