Things To Know About Security Lights

One of the best ways to protect your home from thieves is by installing security lights. They are cheap and convenient and can instantly alert you to an intruder on your premise. In fact, more often than not they have helped deter unwanted visitors from properties.

The illumination devices have also proven to be helpful when trying to find a path in the dark or make it easier to park your car in the driveway on dark winter nights. Bright lights can also add to your safety by preventing people from hiding in dark corners of your garden.

It is even possible to get lights on a timer to help secure your house when you are away. An empty house is the perfect playground for thieves and is easy to spot if your lights are either constantly on or off. Timers throw burglars off guard because they do not know if the house really is empty or not. Christmas is the most noted time for break-ins and if you choose to go away, you can keep your house safe by having your Christmas tree lights turn on and off automatically at a time that you would usually do.

However, there are disadvantages to these systems. Many have a motion sensor and will turn on at the first sign of movement. This may not be a person but the wind blowing a piece of trash past your light. If you look out of your window and see nothing, you may start to wonder whether somebody is hiding somewhere out in your garden and may install fear. Animals will also turn on the lights, which come and go at all times of the night. To combat this, there has been an adaption created involving a heat sensor. They only turn on when a moving object with a human body temperature walks into their range.

Another disadvantage to these security devices is that light is soundless so it will not alert you when you are in a deep sleep. Since early hours of the morning are the perfect time for trespassers, this does not help to secure the home. There have been modifications available, which include an alarm that sounds when the light turns on. Of course these are connected to those available with heat sensors since the last thing anybody wants is to be woken because of a tree branch blowing into their garden.

While security lights have their disadvantages, companies are developing them to combat all their flaws. They are still one of the best devices when it comes to deterring thieves from a property because they are so visible and obvious.

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