Tips on How to Protect Your Family and Keep Your House Safe

Burglary in ProgressThe first thing people do after buying a house is install burglar alarms. To ensure the safety of their family and the house, it’s important to set up this security measure. The ever changing technology offers you plenty of alarm designs that come with cameras, motions sensors, high piercing sounds which alert you that someone is trying to enter your house, and more.

Apart from making sure that the alarms are turned on during the night, what other safety measures do you take?

Here’s our list:

  • Locking the windows
  • Setting the code for the garage door
  • Dead bolting the attic stairway
  • Locking the basement windows from the inside

If you have somewhat a similar checklist then you are doing a great job. However, there are a few other sneaky things that burglars do to break into your house. They lie in wait, looking for that moment of opportunity where your distraction will allow them to enter your house undetected.

Following are some tips on home security measures that will help you find the weak points of your house:

Tip #1

Cut Down Any Tall Trees or Bushes that Block the Entrance

The first thing burglars do before robbing your house is that they case the place. They notice your habits and note down the hiding spots. A bush near your entrance allows them to peek into your house without being noticed. At night, they use the same hiding spot and jump you when you get out of the house.

This is why it is important to keep your porch clean. You should have a clear view of the street so that you can see all the comings and goings.

Tip #2

Install Glass Break Sensors

Installing window sensors on every window of your house can get quite expensive. The total cost can go as high as $500 or more. You can install glass break sensors instead, which will signal an alarm at the sound of glass breaking. For extra security, replace the traditional window panes with shatter-resistant glass.

Tip #3

Install a Door Brace

When a door is locked, only an inch of metal is inserted in the tumbler. This leaves plenty of wiggle room for a burglar to use blunt force and break down the door. While door entry systems will alert you of the break-in, if you are on vacation, you won’t be able to do anything. You can change the locks as many times as you want but there are other tools that can help burglars open the door. This is where a door brace comes in. It adds hundreds of pounds of direct force, which stops the door from being kicked in.

Tipp #4

Light up the Backyard

If you have a big backyard with a deck, then you have probably furnished it pretty well. The hiding places here are too many, which is why the best way to secure this place is with plenty of lighting. To save on the electricity bill, use solar powered lights.

So now you know how a burglar can trick you even when you have taken high security measures to protect your house. Sometimes, the answer is in the small details and in this case, every hiding corner outside your house makes you vulnerable.

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