Types of Security Systems

CCTV Security Systems

Security systems provide the means to shelter your home from the destructive misdemeanours. There are various types of security systems, and although most of them overlap with others, each one is designed to focus on a specific hazard. When you want to secure your property for a particular reason, it is of paramount importance to distinguish between them all.


Here are the many types of security system you should know about:


1- Burglar Security Systems

The basic home security system constitutes the burglar alarm systems. These systems use a low-voltage closed-circuit system for securing your home’s doors and windows. When these entry points are tampered with, it triggers the installed alarm that signals the homeowners and neighbours of the possible intruders.

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2- Monitored Home Alarm Systems

These alarms come with a central control panel that communicates with other components of the system, including motion detectors and door and window alarms. You can access your home’s security system through your smartphones and computers as well.

Another benefit of these security systems is that they can use their back-up power to monitor your home’s activities continuously, even with a power breakdown.


3- CCTV Security Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are also known as the surveillance security systems. Cameras are placed on the potential entry points of the property in this kind of security system. The video feed is transmitted to monitors only accessible to the verified users.


4- Commercial Security Systems

A commercial security system is integrated with a wide range of functionalities. The systems usually perform one or more of these tasks, depending on the commercial security system you get:

  • Video surveillance
  • Premises access control
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems
  • Fire, smoke, water detectors
  • Lighting control
  • Motion detector
  • Licensed access entry for confidential rooms
  • Remote access and control of the system

5- Fire Alarm Systems

These alarm systems are used in residential and commercial sites to detect the threat of fire or smoke. Some of the systems ring an alarm and send out an alert for the property owner to take immediate action. Other alarm systems also provide the facility of fire extinguishers, which excessively helps decrease the damage and human casualties.


6- Water Leak Detection Systems

Although fires can be devastating, water damages are far more of a common threat at homes and commercial business places. The water leak detection system instantly alerts the property owners if a particular pipe springs a leak, or if the system detects flooding of some kind. You wouldn’t have to worry about protecting your place from sudden water damage once you install this system.

Properties without security systems are always on the hit list of significant hazardous problems, including crimes, fire, smoke, and gas leaks. Eagle Security Solutions provides the most trustworthy security systems with their installation services for home and business owners throughout London.

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