Understanding the Workings of a Burglar Alarm

For as long as time, we have known about burglar alarms, matter of fact, burglar alarms are among the first and foremost creations for home and office security. Today the same burglar alarms have been updated, advanced and modernised to meet up with today’s technology-forward world. As sophisticated as they are today, their functions remain the same–only more efficient–they catch burglars red-handed.
Only this time, the burglar alarms cannot be manipulated by thieves; neither can they pull any tricks like wire cutting as is shown being done in various Hollywood movies. In fact, the wires will have to exist for them to be severed or manipulated and most burglar alarms are wireless.
It is important for us to know how these burglar alarms of today works so that we can make use of them instead of leaving it at its perch like watchful guardian angel. Here’s what we need to know:


A Burglar Alarm System includes:

A burglar alarm is not just a sensor with shrilling siren. A burglar alarm is a complete package that comes with various other devices to provide a complete lookout for the house with a strict security. Most all the burglar alarms are accompanied with a control panel, motion detectors, sirens (decibel or strobes), flashing lights and a keypad.
Many brands also provide sensors with magnetic contact, security cameras which may be wired or wireless and window stickers or some sort of yard signs.


How does the Burglar Alarm System works?

A very basic alarm is a system with electric circuit connected on various entryways. This circuit detects the presence intruders as soon as the sensors pick up movements or opening of any of the entryways. These alarms are either open circuit or closed circuit. In the open circuit alarm, the circuit close with the opening of door and as soon as that happens, electric flows and alarms get triggered. In the closed circuit, as soon as the door opens the circuit opens as well, triggering alarm.
Even the method of alarming is more advanced. In addition to the loud alarm that begins to shrill at the presence of an intruder, the system sends signals to the house owners on their cell phone via internet. Many alarms even notify the police, paramedics, fire-fighters or the alarm monitoring service.


How is the Burglar Alarm Controlled?

The home owners can easily activate or deactivate the alarm using the console. The keypad attached also allows putting pass codes and arming or disarming the alarm as they see fit. In addition to that, homeowners can also decide which sensor should work and which should be turned off.


The best feature of the burglar alarm is the surveillance video. It allows the homeowners to watch the intruder in real time and take care of their safety or they can view the footage later which can subsequently help them catch the burglar.
Many times, just the knowledge that a house is fitted with a burglar alarm is enough to keep the prowlers away from your home.

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