Understanding the Workings of Access Control System

When security manufacturers introduced keys, the engineers of ancient Rome came up with the master key. Quick to learn their lessons, security manufacturers came up with a system whose key is hard to be tampered or figure out. Today this system is called access control system which has made life easier for commercial security and has left the thieves scratching their heads over this new puzzle.


What is an Access Control System?

Most basically access control system can be defined as a door security system where no one can enter through the door until and unless they have means to access it. A simplified door and lock can also be called an access control system as it requires the key to open the door. However, lock and key are no longer can stop the thieves or trespassers from entering as it can be easily manipulated.


In present times the key is replaced by a magnetic card or other means of recognition which is near impossible to be manipulated or replicated, and only once the system recognizes this identification does the door open through an electric lock.


Different Ways of Accessing the Door Entry System:

There is a broad range of secure identifying methods used to have controlled access to the system. Following are some of them:

  • Biometric authentication is a very safe and highly developed method of securing the door and only allowing identified entries. Biometric uses a certain Physical identification mark that is unique and different in every person and cannot be tampered in any case. Examples of biometric identification include the scan of the retina, face recognition, fingerprints, palm print, odor and scent of a person, or even gait or the typing rhythm of a person. There are tons of other traits as well that are used for highly accurate access control.
  • Badges or smart cards with identification details, holograms, smart cards, and personalized photos are provided to the visitors to access the system.
  • Numerical keypads are another resource of an accessing system in which code is shared with only a few authorized individuals and are mostly used in rooms and places with highly confidential and sensitive information. Keypads are often paired with cards to provide a double layer of protection.

There are various other and more sophisticated means of securing how a door is used, however the above mentioned are most commonly used.


Setup of Access Control System:

Surprisingly, despite being so sophisticated and customized, installing an access control system is not a time-consuming process. It requires the installation of hardware, wiring from door to the panel and a computer nearby to configure the system and make changes when required. Once the system is installed and set up, the rest of the work is carried through programming where codes are created, cards read, and identifications established.


Other Features:

  • It allows the controller to lock or unlock the door for any time period without letting the access keys affect it.
  • The access control system can also be installed for an elevator.
  • The access control system can help track down the timings at which the door has been opened and the amount of time it has stayed open.

With a secure access control system, crossing the threshold of places uninvited is not as easy as it once used to be.

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