Useful Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglary

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No individual resides in an impenetrable fortress. Residents who are not vigilant run the risk of burglary. Criminals may be on the prowl in proximity, unbeknownst to residents of the neighborhood, looking for an opportunity to exploit a house that is not well protected.

Inhabitants are advised to adhere to a few tips that ensure that their household is safe and secure. Some of these routines are listed below:


Home Security System

Those who invest in and configure a home security system in their residence are less prone to a burglary in contrast to those who don’t. Adding a security system is an effective way to defeat a burglar, assuming that the system itself works well.

First and foremost, installing security devices safeguards your family and valuables at the same time. Secondly, there are plenty of systems which allow users to remotely access live feeds of their home when they are not present. This can be configured on their mobile devices with ease and they can monitor their house and surroundings at their convenience. This makes a security system worthy of the investment since any burglary can be detected and deterred.


Doors and Windows

It goes without saying that any entry point that allows safe passage to criminals should be sealed shut whether residents are present or absent from their property. Doors and windows must include a quality lock that is difficult to pick. If home owners have recently moved into a new house, they must secure the doors and windows with new locks. Similarly, precautions must be taken if a tenancy ends or if the keys to the lock are misplaced.

Locks do not have to be old school, they can also be digital which means a four digit or longer code can be applied, which only residents of the property are aware of. These codes can be changed at the convenience of the occupants.


Do Not Display Valuables

This is another basic tip that many may fail to follow. Naturally, commodities that are worth significant sums should not be exhibited in such a way that they provide burglars with an incentive. For instance, if valuable items are not safely secured under lock and key and are visible to all, even those outside the house, then that could spell trouble for the residents. Fastidious burglars will be keen to break in to a house where valuables are not shielded. Simply obscuring the view of pedestrians with curtains, drapes or blinds will do the needful.


Adequate Lighting

Another advice that residents can adhere to is to light up their homes sufficiently. Cases of burglary are more probable if homes are relatively dark or dimly lit. It may give criminals the false impression that residents are either away momentarily or the property is not occupied at all.

Naturally, lights are a burglar’s worst enemy. It is not possible for them to slip in undetected. Having acceptable lighting close to the front door, garage and blind spots is the perfect way to gauge potential visitors, welcome or otherwise.

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