Videofied Video Alarm Makes A Security System Even Better

Your security and your family’s security is important, and finding the right ways to protect yourselves is one of the first things that many people do when they realize just how vital it is. There are numerous options in terms of adding security systems to a home, from very basic alarm systems that are designed to startle and scare off intruders to more advanced systems that can handle all types of security related issues. Remote monitoring is an obvious aspect of modern security systems, but an even better one is to utilize video feeds within the security system to get real results.

Videofied is one of the latest and most advanced security systems on the market today. It works under the concept that scaring off a criminal isn’t enough – preventing future crimes from the intruder is what’s important. That’s why – just as the name suggests – video integration into a security system gets even better results.

Think about it this way. How many times have you seen video footage of a bank robbery or crime in a shopping centre or store? And of those, how many times is an image of the perpetrator available to help track down the criminal? Shouldn’t an alarm system in your home or small business do the same thing? By activating a camera when an intrusion occurs, criminals are setting themselves up for arrest. And the Videofied alarm system makes it easy to get a professional security system that will do just that.

These security systems include a number of great features. They operate on battery power and are entirely cordless so installation is fast and easy. A motion sensor trips the unit on when motion is detected, and a digital camera begins taking images or video of what is happening in the home or on the property. There are indoor and outdoor models, and infrared options to ensure that even in the dark, results are made.

Of course, no security system would work properly just by filming the crime. This system also has live 24 hour monitoring just like all other major security systems and will ensure that law enforcement is dispatched when a problem occurs. The alarm is sent to a cell tower which also captures the video feed, transmitting it to the monitoring station so that the person on duty can monitor what is happening and ensure that help arrives when you need it. Video makes a security system even better, and it’s worth thinking about.

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