Visonic PowerMaster Wireless Alarm System

With the prevalence of burglaries, vandalism and other criminal acts in today’s society, it has become necessary for individuals and businesses to monitor the activities that go on in their environment. Having security alarm systems installed at home and in business is very important for protection and safety. Once installed, monitoring and maintenance are also of much importance. It is important to choose a reliable security system, and one that is easy to maintain. Among the options that are available is Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system.

Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system is a top-quality security and safety system that consists of alarm systems and intrusion detection components. This cutting-edge security system is designed to meet the security needs of residential premises and businesses. This system is one of the PowerMaster products that feature Visonic’s innovative wireless technology. This security system excels in robustness, range and performance.

This wireless alarm system has strength and reliability almost like that of a wired system. The system delivers the utmost robustness and also ensures uninterrupted transmission of when it arrives at its destination. The system successfully overcomes interferences, collisions, and jamming. This dramatically increases robustness and reliability of the wireless network making it a powerful solution even in environments that have dense radio energy.

The system’s installation process is fast and easy, and there is also remote maintenance. It comes with a powerful toolset that simplifies installation time and also provides a way for fast and effective configuration and maintenance of the system. In addition to remote and on-site configuration, there is a powerful remote and on-site RF diagnostic tool as well as remote walk testing.

This wireless alarm system provides an energy-saving solution that supports the environment. It is equipped with a transmission power mechanism that can be adapted to different situations, with each device in the network measuring the quality of communication and sets its transmission power to the level required for clear communication with the panel. This extends battery life of devices to more than eight years, and minimized transmissions makes the air cleaner.

The system can be used for advanced applications. It can handle a high amount of bandwidth, thereby allowing the network to transmit huge amounts of data within a short time.

This wireless alarm system is a great replacement for wired installations in big premises. It is an ideal security and safety solution for security companies and central stations that want to add a familiar solution to their business. Installers are looking for a single alarm system or a group of alarms systems that are easy to install. The PowerMaster wireless alarm system, with its ease-of installation, fulfils this need.

The control panels feature a QuickFit Kits configuration, and these kits are pre-enrolled for quick installation without the need for cables or disruption to the business premises or home. Additionally, there is a broad set of peripherals that helps to meet all of customers’ security and safety needs. Visonic’s PowerMaster range of alarm systems also has integrated AlarmView, which is a security service that fits between a traditional monitoring service and self-monitoring. It supports security system functions including arming and disarming, controlling home appliances, initiating a guard response, reviewing system status, and panic and fire alarms. It also enables users to operate the many functions from their smartphone.

A Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system is a high tech security system that provides people around the world protection, safety and peace of mind in their homes and businesses. The company behind the product is called Visonic and has been a leader in the production of security devices for many years. You can rely on Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm systems for advanced solutions to your residential and business security and safety needs. This security system is constantly being improved and upgraded with more powerful features that provide you with even more security. It is very important that you get familiar with the settings on the system and ask for help if necessary.

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