Which Is Better: A Wireless Alarm System Or A Hardwired Alarm System?

When looking for an alarm system for safety measures, one of the most sought out questions is, which one is better, a hardwired alarm system or a wireless one. The answer is not in the system itself but in the situations and conditions of the buildings or structure in need of security.
Let’s learn about some aspects of both systems to make our decision easier.


Fitting the System

When it comes to installation, hardwire alarm system takes much more time than the time it takes to install a wireless alarm system. Also, it requires a professional to install the hardwired system and cannot be installed by the homeowners themselves. In a hardwire system, the wire needs to be hidden and hence it is often required to lift up the floor boards and drill through the walls. Regardless, if the house is already under the process of construction, then it will cause minimal bother.
A wireless alarm system, on the other hand, is much easier to install but the most recent ones with digital functions and high-end services too need a professional at hand to fix the system properly. So basically, it is just a matter of time. Also renters or buildings with shabby interior or historic homes too can benefit from wireless systems without causing any damage.



Alarms once installed need regular maintenance to keep working effectively. An ill-maintained alarm system can cause trouble at the time of need. That being said, a wired alarm system is much easier to maintain the wireless one. A wireless alarm systems runs on batteries which can die any time so it needs replacements at least once a year. Luckily, high-end alarm systems indicate as soon as batteries are about to die and ask for replacements. It is human procrastination that can cause misfortunes though.



It is complicated to say which system is more reliable. When it is the question of reliability, it is not about wired or wireless alarm system, it is about the service providers and the installers. If the wired system is installed perfectly without a flaw and the wireless system is of superior quality and indicates any shortcomings with notification or warnings, then both will remain reliable.



Both wireless and hardwired alarm system have their pros and cons and knowing them, the manufacturers are subsequently working towards a system that has the best of both types. Hardwired systems have a very advanced control panel system and the wireless alarms are free of time consuming wire system. So it’s only a matter of what you are installing and how advanced the system is that is going to help you with better functionality.
Now that you know how both types work, let us conclude by advising that if you are looking for an alarm system for a huge commercial property, then it is wiser to go for a professionally built hardwire system with suitable design and sophisticated system that can handle various security measures and keep the law breakers at bay.


On the other hand, if you want security for your house, then by all means go for an advanced wireless alarm system. It will allow you to handle your house security using your smart phone providing minute-by-minute details.

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