Why A Place Is Never Secure Without an Intercom?

As surprising as it may sound, many people fail to understand the importance of installing an intercom to improve safety and for communication purposes in commercial and private settings. On the contrary, an intercom is highly beneficial as it improves security in a large number of commercial places such as hospitals, schools, and factories. And thanks to technological progress, newer intercom systems having improved functionality and features keep on being introduced in the market.

Still, many find it hard to believe that an intercom – a basic communication device – can provide a sort of protection. To prove otherwise, here are a number of advantages of using an intercom:


1. Communication:

In times of danger, it’s a matter of who you get to notify first. An intercom allows the person handling it to immediately get to the source in a matter of seconds. Even typing in a text and calling someone on phone takes time. An intercom makes sure that the message reaches a wide audience or to a specific person immediately. Whether it is for better functioning, organizational purposes, or for ensuring safety, an intercom is one of the best channels to ensure that.


2. Emergencies:

When it’s a fire, an intrusion or any sort of emergency inside the commercial building, the right message at the right time can save a lot of lives. Even a fraction of a second proves to be extremely vital. Intercoms can carry messages to a huge audience all at once, saving lots of time and lives. It is extremely handy when there is a need to evacuate the premises.


3. Screened Entrance:

Sometimes, cameras fail to detect a suspicious person in the doorway, and even intrusive alarms can be fooled by using a stolen ID card. But when an intercom at the doorway is present, the suspicious person will have a hard time getting through this final layer of safety. This very same function proves highly useful when it comes to safety at home. Families are well-aware of people who visit their houses often, and anyone who failed to get the self recognised never gets a chance to enter the house unless the inhabitants want them to.


4. Paging System:

Another use of an intercom is the paging feature present in it. When there is a need to make announcements, call forwarding on timely basis, and when emergency calls need to be made, the paging feature makes sure is it all done.


5. Video Intercom Systems:

Another feature present in some of the most contemporary intercom devices is the video intercom option. This provides a way to visually confirm who is at the door before granting them entry. Also, anyone snooping around the premises and entering places they are not allowed get caught red-handed.

Like every other security device, an intercom will never function properly, especially the paging system, unless it is fixed and installed properly by the experts. Also, a company cannot trust any outside source with their security details other than professionals, such as Eagle Security Solutions, who are accredited and have the expertise to install every type of security system in a commercial as well as a residential place.

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