Why Are Monitored Alarms Better Than Basic Alarms?

Have you been worried about the rise in the crime and the safety of the household and neighbourhood every time you watch the news on the TV? Daily burglaries are no shockers these days, especially in some neighbourhoods that are not safe for a family to live in. These are the times when you wish for a little more security than just a door lock. Monitored alarms associated to your home security system should be considered very seriously. A little research before buying a home security system will bring the advantages of a system that can also be monitored to the fore. Often people overlook the invisible benefits that alarm monitoring system can offer until they face a security threat and realize their mistake.

There is a central station that receives the signal from your monitoring system and cross checks whether the signal that came from your system was active and then goes ahead to notify the right authorities. There is no more reason to fear a break in even if you’ve gone away for the weekend or are out to work. Most homeowners hesitate while buying the home security system that has a monitoring device in it. The simple reason behind this hesitation is the price. Security system with monitoring device comes at a higher price than normal home security system. However, there is little cause to worry since most systems will offer a minimum of 5% discount and a maximum of 25% discount. The higher price can also be reimbursed with homeowner’s insurance since a person is spending to provide enhanced security to his house.

There are panic buttons that are easily accessible and can be used during the time of an emergency. A manual push of the panic buttons allows you to send the panic signal to the right monitoring centre. It is one of the quickest means to contact police, fire or the ambulance service. There was a time when people thought that the burglaries could happen only in the night. The modern times refute that notion since one always hears about break-in that occurs when people are at work in the day time. When a person leaves for work, he can be sure his house is safe if a monitoring system has been installed.

Most alarm sirens come to a halt after sounding for 5-15 minutes. When the burglar has broken in through the window or door, he leaves with his loot, letting the door remain open to others as well until the homeowner returns home. With the help of monitored security alarms, the authorities will be contacted on time and might even be able to catch the burglar! Monitored alarms are not only useful at the time of catching a break-in live but for other emergencies too. There are times when a fire may get hold of your house. With the help of fire detection service, a fire is monitored and the fire station is automatically contacted through the security system.

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