Why Choose CCTV Systems for Your Business?

The United Kingdom is the world’s foremost leader when it comes to the use of CCTV systems to protect the public trust. There are more closed circuit television systems in the UK than anywhere else in the world and London is among the world’s leaders in terms of electronic surveillance. All of this has helped the city to clean up crime and provide citizens with a greater sense of safety while going about their daily business. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s also become easier for the smaller home or business to join in and make CCTV part of self-defence.

To be truly effective, CCTV systems should be equipped with infrared cameras. This allows them to see prowlers who may be skulking about at night. Businesspeople have found that this is a particularly useful feature, since it may allow them to notice individuals who are “casing” a business. Burglars who intend to rob a business usually become aware of the schedule of that business — not just the times posted on the signage, but other information such as when the proprietor comes and goes. CCTV can add an extra layer of protection by making you aware of this.

Of course, CCTV systems are also excellent for loss prevention. It is no longer adequate to have a company install a fake system and merely make patrons aware of it — savvy thieves have realised the subtle visual differences between real cameras and props. Through CCTV, you will be able to review and investigate the activities of everyone who visits your shop. A good 30% of annual losses in retail can be attributed to employees; CCTV helps you locate anyone in your organisation who isn’t upholding the highest standards of honesty.

In the past, CCTV systems could be rather fiddly, as you had to ensure you had appropriate backup media in place at all times. Nowadays, a good CCTV digital video recorder will have built-in storage comparable in capacity to the average computer hard drive.

At Eagle Security Solutions, we wish to make CCTV available to any home or office whose caretakers desire it. When you work with us, rest assured you will receive top quality technology and a plan tailored to your needs. We will help you learn to use the features of your CCTV and maximise your security. To find out more and schedule a security consultation, please get in touch today — your home or business is worth it!

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