3 Terrific Reasons Why Installing Security Systems in Schools Has Become a Necessity

The United Kingdom has not seen a mass school shooting since 1996. But the devastating school oriented massacres from across the pond have definitely got parents unhinged about their child’s safety

security systems in schools

Does your school have a good security system?  If the answer is no, then you need to invest in a high-end security system right this instant.

The United Kingdom might not be a victim of mass school shootings in this era. But you shouldn’t allow these statistics to lull you into a deep slumber. That’s because the stakes are always high when kids are involved.

Here are some of the many ways security systems in schools are making lives easier for the staff and administration:

1.  The Whole Nine Yards

It doesn’t matter if your school campus is big or small.  We feel that surveying every nook and cranny of your institute isn’t exactly a one-man job.

Therefore, it is better to have surveillance cameras installed in all the important places of the campus (e.g. main entrances and exits, busy corridors, restricted sections). This allows your security team to keep an eye on every inch and corner of the premises without limitations. And notify authorities as soon as a stranger walks through the doors.

2. Monitored Access

Is your school still using keys for its classrooms? Ditch them this instance for a streamlined approach that saves time and optimizes protection.

Many schools have started to go keyless by installing a school access control system. This nifty system allows you to monitor the movements of teachers and students alike. As you’ll know who is accessing the different rooms at what times. Plus, it eliminates the hassle of carrying a bunch of keys or waiting for the janitor top open doors.

Moreover, ID badges and proper access cards could be used to control that staff members/teachers/ student are able to unlock a few chosen rooms. This limits the chances of janitors raiding the supply closet or students misusing the equipment. Plus, you can put the school into lockdown with by pressing just one button.

3. Safe and Secure

A well-integrated security system can help you get notified when some trouble brews up in the playground. Or a child meets an accident in the staircase. More importantly, you can reach the scene of the crime (bullying) as soon as it starts.

Basically, advanced security systems are like a dream come true for administrations facing problems managing bullying or harassment allegations. The security systems help them stay on their feet and restrain the situation before it escalates.

In short, upgrading the security system for your school is not a commodity but a necessity of our times. Not only does it facilitate your need to keep the children safe. But it also reinforces your public image in the parent’s eye. For every parent wants their children to learn in a surrounding that is safe and secure.

Do you need a strong recommendation? The trusty team of Eagle Security Solutions is your best bet for securing the whole campus according to the latest security trends.

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