4 Clever Ways of Making Your New Home More Secure

Ways of Making Your Home Secure
Are you worried about your home’s security? Perhaps it’ll help to know that 73% of robberies occur in residential properties and these robberies occur every 60 seconds in the UK. If you are thinking that the only thing you can do is to make a hefty investment for your home security that will break your bank, then you’re wrong. Remember that the ultimate goal of your home security is to deter the casual burglar and there are plenty of simple, clever ways you can take to achieve that. While it might be more difficult to protect your home from professional burglars, most home burglaries are committed by amateurs.


Let’s go through the 4 clever ways of making your new home more secure.


1. Get a dog

Dogs are excellent deterrents against uninvited visitors. If you don’t want to get a large dog, you can get a small one and it’ll work just as well! The last thing that the burglar wants when he is trespassing a private property is to draw any kind of attention to himself and with a guard dog present in your house, he will alert everyone in the house as well as the neighbourhood of the burglar trying to break in. As a result, the burglar will want to run away fast.


2. Household security meeting

In order to have optimum security for your household, all members of the household need to be aware of security protocols. It is helpful to integrate home security habits in your household members. In the meeting, make it clear that all household members are to use the door and window every time you leave the house or enter it. Also, the kids shouldn’t open the door to unwelcomed visitors. Additionally, the garage door should be closed at all times, and if it’s not, the first household members to spot it open must close it. Furthermore, the alarm system should be on 24/7, even when you have to make a quick grocery run.


3. Meeting the neighbours

Neighbours are usually the first one to spot any funny business happening on your private property from across the street and can function as an effective first line of defence against burglaries. However, they can’t really keep an eye on your home when you are away if they don’t know you. So, make an effort to get to know the neighbours and build good relations with them. Bake some cookies and head on over if you haven’t already.


4. Keep the landscape well lit and get rid of hiding spots

You should make sure you have adequate lighting in your front and back yard. If you want to go easy on the energy bills, then you might want to get one of those motion sensor lights that only turn on when they detect movement for added protection. A well-lit house is less likely to be broken in just like a house with no hiding places is. If there are any trees or bushes near your house that can provide cover and hiding spots for an intruder, trim them right away. For curb appeal, you can go with flowers instead.

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