4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Door Access Control System

Access control system

Many companies fail to prioritise their security and don’t take any security measures to protect their office premises. Unfortunate incidents are bound to occur at some point and while they can’t be predicted, luckily, they can be prevented.

A great and effective way to ensure that your office remains secured and protected at all times is to install a business security system. This helps monitor all the activities within and near the office premises. One of the most integral features of a business security system is the access control system which provides access to only authorised personnel such as employees, keeping unknown individuals at bay.
Here are a few reasons why your business needs an access control system.

1. Grants Access to Authorised Personnel

An access control system ensures that no one enters the premises without your knowledge. Anyone who enters the office regularly, such as employees, is provided access cards. This ensures that only those who are welcomed can enter your office building, keeping others at bay. Moreover, you might not want certain individuals to enter your premises as they please as unmonitored activity can create all sorts of issues. Hence, an access control system will help you monitor all those people who enter and exit your workplace.

2. Protects Your Business from Robbery or Theft
Since an access control system requires an access card to enter the premises, it helps keep unwanted personnel such as burglars and thieves at bay. An access control system serves as an impeccable criminal deterrent as it is extremely difficult to gain control of the system. Moreover, if any unauthorized individual such as an intruder tries to access the system, their face will be captured by the CCTV camera.

3. Reduces Employee Theft
While no business owner wants to believe that their employees will steal from them, you can still never be too safe. A study revealed that almost 75% of employees will steal from their employers at least once.

Even though access control systems can’t possibly prevent all thefts from occurring, they definitely play a role in hindering those who are trying to gain control. These systems can be used to keep employees from gaining access to the premises during off-hours. Moreover, if any theft occurs, you can monitor the system to find out which employee card was used during the theft hours to narrow down your search.

4. Overcomes Employee Negligence
Forgetting to lock the door happens to the best of us. The problem with this unfortunate incident is that it can place your employees, assets and property at risk. Relying on your employees to lock up after they are done with their shift can be an extremely risky move. Installing an access control system ensures that the doors are automatically locked behind, securing your office completely.
All in all, as an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect your office and employees. By installing access control systems, you can prevent thefts, burglaries and unwanted incidents from occurring.

If you’re looking to install a business security system, CCTV cameras or access control systems, get in touch with us now!

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