4 Reasons Your Security Camera Flickers at Night

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When it comes to protecting your home or business, your CCTV system is one of your most precious assets. So, if you feel like your system is somehow malfunctioning, you need to find the root cause and render it as soon as possible. For instance, if your camera is flickering at night, there may be some problems with it. So, you just quickly jump on to getting it fixed as quickly as you can!


Here are a few issues that might be causing your camera to flicker at night.


1.     Power Issues

Like a lot of other equipment, your camera might be flickering because it isn’t getting enough power to function properly. If you’re experiencing flickering videos and images when going through your camera feed at night, the first thing you need to check is your power source.

All surveillance camera systems use infrared light to capture images in a place where there is very low light. So, if your camera has a low battery or isn’t receiving enough power, your infrared lights won’t be performing at their optimal level either. You should take a look at the power input to ensure that your system is working on a dedicated power supply rather than a power splitter.

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2.     Changing Light Conditions

Light plays a huge role in the ability of your camera to snap a consistent and proper image. Bright lights such as flashlights or headlights can often cause a lot of disturbance on your security camera, preventing it from producing a clear picture.

Night cameras use infrared technology to produce high-quality images in low light conditions. Headlights can often interrupt the cameras causing them to flicker as your camera tries to adjust from infrared to normal light. You should review your security camera footage to figure out when your cameras flicker the most. If your changing lighting conditions are causing your flickering issues, you should adjust the angle of your camera.


3.     Damaged Connections or Cables

If your security surveillance cameras flicker at night, it might be due to damaged cables or connections. Damaged and deteriorating equipment can cause data transmission and power issues that lead to below-average image quality.

You will have to check all the connections that are linked to your camera. For instance, you will have to go over loose or exposed wires to see if they have become corroded or damaged. Also, if you’re installing any outdoor connections, you will have to ensure that you install a weatherproof box to prevent further damage from external conditions.


4. Aging or Faulty Equipment

Let’s face it, the older your surveillance camera equipment, the more issues it is likely to experience. However, if you’re experiencing flickering issues with your new surveillance system, you might have purchased defective equipment.

All security camera systems have a restricted lifespan. In case yours has reached its peak, there isn’t much to do except to replace it. You should first go over the power sources and check the cables and connections before jumping into changing your security camera.

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