4 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home from Inside Out

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In the UK alone, there were 296,150 burglaries in the past 12 months, costing an average of £3,030. The best way to deal with burglaries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Take a look at the 4 ways we have compiled on how to keep your home safe.

1.    Don’t Forget the Basics

Always remember to lock your doors and windows even when you’re at home. Research has revealed that 57% of burglaries in the UK occurred while someone was still at home. So, our suggestion is— better to be safe than sorry.

Burglars are constantly on the lookout for shadowy or dark spots around your home where they can make their entry easier. Your job is to make sure they’re not able to do so. Install bright lights around your house, especially in places where there are doors or windows. Not only will this deter burglars from coming near your house, but if one is brave (or foolish) enough to try, your chances of spotting them are much higher. Take swift action to call the police or make enough noise to alert your neighbors if you ever spot a burglar outside your home.

If you want to save some money off your electricity bill, consider buying motion-activated lights.

2.    Change Your Locks

If you’re moving into a new place, you should always change the locks on the doors and windows. This is another simple way to secure your home You have no idea about who lived there before you and who still has the keys to the locks. You also don’t know how reliable they are.

As times evolve, burglars are always finding new ways to pick older locks and having an old-school knob doesn’t cut it anymore. We would recommend that you try to install modern locks that are a lot sturdier and much harder to pick.

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3.    Install CCTVs

You can now be your own watchman. Installing a CCTV camera in the right places allows you to watch all the potential entry points of your home in real-time so that you can detect any unwanted activity immediately. In addition, let’s say you do somehow end up getting burgled, what now? Well, your security camera footage can be played back and there have been numerous cases where thieves were caught after being identified from CCTV footage.

You can install CCTV systems as a part of a Home Security System or separately. You should consult your security company and the local police to decide on the best option.

4.    Really Consider a Security System

We believe that a Modern Home Security system has become a necessity for most homes. An integrated security system works by securing entry points and monitoring unusual movements through sensor systems. The motion sensors are able to detect any unwelcome movement and raise an alarm and once you arm the system, any opening of a door or window will raise an alarm. It also has security cameras and warning signs/stickers to drive off any potential thieves.

A comprehensive system is one of the simplest ways to secure your home and help you live without the stress of worrying about getting robbed.

Eagle Security Solutions provide the most reliable security systems and installation services for home owners throughout London. We service families by matching all their needs and security concerns while staying under the provided budget. For more information, you can get in contact with our team today.

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