5 Home Safety Tips You Ought to Teach Your Kid

You just installed the most expensive security system in your home and connected it to your smartphone for making the premises safe and secure.

 But did you guide your kids how they can stay safe when they’re home alone?

It’s not always easy to keep an eye on your kids. Teaching them about their safety helps keeping them out of harm’s way when you aren’t home.

Here are 5 tips your kids will find useful:

1.     Operate the Security System

When you install a security system, make sure all your family members know how to operate it, even your kids!

Whether they want to unlock the door when they return home from school or they want to deactivate a false alarm, they can do so if they know how to operate the security system. But instruct them to refrain from sharing this information with anyone else, not even their best friends.

2.     Never Open the Door for Strangers

It’s extremely important to teach the kids never to open the door for a stranger. Ask them not to let any stranger in for their own safety. If you have security cameras installed, teach your kids how to watch live footage and decide accordingly whether or not they should open the door.

3.     Memorize Emergency Contacts

Using smartphones and making phone calls is a piece of cake for today’s tech-savvy kids. Help them memorize emergency numbers they can dial in an emergency situation.

For younger kids, it’s crucial to ensure they can pronounce their full name, address, and contact details of their parents. You can also write a list of emergency contacts on a piece of paper and paste it on the fridge door so that your kids can easily locate it.

4.     Stay Away from Electric Wires

Young kids are curious and they may be tempted to play with electrical cords. But it’s your responsibility to teach them about electrical hazards at a young age. The following safety tips can keep them safe:

  • Never use electrical appliances near a source of water
  • Never stick fingers into electrical outlets
  • Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning them
  • If you notice damaged electrical cords, immediately tell an adult
  • Electrical appliances and cords are best kept away from sources of heat
  • Stay away from outdoor power lines

5.     Be Familiar with the Escape Plan

Creating a family escape plan and teaching it to your kids should be your top priority. This way, in case of a fire breakout, burglary or a natural disaster, your kids would know how to deal with the situation.

Highlight the best escape routes for your home and decide on an outdoor spot where all your family members should gather. You should also consider teaching your kids how to use first-aid kit and familiarize them with CPR procedure. Regardless of their age, your kids can play a prominent role in keeping your home safe.

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