Access Control Systems and Entry To Secured Areas

Access Control Systems control who is able to access a facility or leave a secure facility. They use a variety of methods to scan and allow authorized personnel entry into a secure area, but restrict entry to persons who are not able to produce the correct identification at the entry point.

Access control is practiced whenever entry to something is restricted and only permitted by the use or presentation of something to prove identity. Keys for a car, passwords on websites and cards required by an ATM are all examples of entry control methods. Apartments and secured homes are now installing systems to control access to parking areas and buildings within an apartment block. These systems are usually low level entry controlled and usually the residents of the apartment can manually admit their guests once identification is verified usually by voice identification.

Businesses, Government and Legal offices and other areas that require secure entry to their premises, use entry systems to restrict and control this to non public areas. In situations where it is impossible to have a door or entry gate manned 24 hours a day to permit entry to authorized staff or visitors, the entry system is a useful and safe alternative. Entry systems use one of three methods to authorize entry to a person. They are something known to the person and the device such as Personal Identification Number, something possessed such as an access card or something physically unique such as finger prints or eyes.

To enter a facility the person seeking accessibility uses the adopted form of identification and must enter the facility at an entry point, which has access control equipment located at its doors. Once the approved method is utilized by the person seeking entry, the device automatically allows the person entry to the facility. Those who cannot supply approved identification are denied entry.

Entry systems and other security systems can integrate to enable maximum security of a building or facility. With such a large range of technologies available, if security is an issue for your business or premises, it is worth discussing options available with security professionals who can guide to the best available options and methods to suit the location and required level of security.

The area to be secured by the facility will depend on the requirements of the company installing the devices. The security method used may also depend on the area secured and the number of people expecting to be given entry to the commercial or residential area. A secure card system may be appropriate for a large group of people needing to access an area, whereas a finger print or eye ID may be more appropriate for a small secured area such as a laboratory or safe where access is restricted to a small number of personnel.

Access control systems are reliable and effective security solutions for homes, businesses and governments. Alone or integrated with other security systems they provide high level protection against unauthorized entry to a secure area in commercial or residential premises.

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