Biometric Entry Devices for Offices

Biometric Door Entry Device for Office
Biometric entry devices are a trusted tool to maintain the privacy of offices where confidential files and information is kept. These devices are used to ensure that only the authorized people get access to restricted parts of offices. Moreover, these devices are also used as attendance system. Whenever an employee reaches the office, they press thumb, or finger or keep their eye in front of the machine. This process identifies whether the person should get access or not and records the time at which the person has entered or exited the office building.


Types of Biometric Devices:

Modern biometric devices are usually of four types:


Fingerprint Recognition System:

Fingerprint sensors are suitable to restrict entry in offices only for authorized people. When employees enter the office premises, they must verify their identity by keeping their thumb on the fingerprint entry device. The idea of biometric devices was developed to overcome the challenge of buddy punching and forged time entries.


However, fingerprint detection system is not absolutely fool proof. It can be spoofed by placing a counterfeit mold that can capture fingerprints. This print can be used later to gain access to confidential data and information.


Iris Recognition System:

No two people in the world can have identical pair of eyes. Therefore, this concept was implemented to develop office entry devices that can identify a person. When an employee keeps an eye in front of this device, it reads the iris and matches it with the database. If its record is present in the system, the employee will get access to the office and their attendance will also be marked in the process.


Video Entry System:

Video entry system contains a camera that captures the face of the person who needs to enter the office. This video is transmitted to security personnel in real time, so that they can grant access to the authorized visitors. Such systems usually contain wireless devices connected to the main door. They can grant access by unlocking the door from remote location.


Audio Entry System:

Audio entry systems come equipped with a set of receivers and keypad. One of these receivers and keypad is installed on the doors for security sake. This system usually supports two way communications and enables visitors or employees to make a call on the required extension. The receptionist will take the call to ask the reason of visit. The door is later unlocked using the electric door release button which is pressed by the receptionist.



Biometric devices are essential to ensure the security of offices. These are efficient devices that can accurately identify a person and grant access on the basis of pre-defined information. These are time saving devices through which the tasks of entry and attendance recording are performed simultaneously. The installation process takes brief time and the method of its use is also simple.


Biometric entry devices have become common nowadays due to ease of use and efficiency. A large variety of entry devices is available in the market and businesses can incorporate any of these on the basis of requirements and budget. These are necessary tools to keep offices safe from intruders and ensure the security of resources and employees.

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