• Risco 2Way Wireless Remote Control

Risco 2 Way 8 Button Remote Fob


  • Description

    The Agility™3 2-way Remote Control is a stylish 8 button keyfob which provides users with a convenient way to control the security system.


    The remote control is easy to use with large keys, and is typically used for arming and disarming as well as reviewing the current status of the system.


    The 2-way capability enables a reply status to be received on the keyfob on the status indication LED, eradicating all doubt of the action performed and the system’s status.


    For increased security the remote control can also be further secured with a 4 digit PIN code.


    Compatible with Agility™3 and LightSYS™2.


    • Bi-directional communication
    • Colored system status LED display
    • PIN code for higher security
    • Low battery indicator Available in 868MHz and 433MHz
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