Agility 3 Smart Wireless Security System

Risco Agility Wireless Home Security Alarms

Risco Agility 3 and 4 are smart, state-of-the-art wireless alarm systems that allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone, wherever you are.  The system comes with an easy to use two-way wireless LCD keypad and an integrated proximity reader for arming and disarming the system.

Risco Agility wireless home alarm system provides accessibility and flexibility for the home owner. It communicates with the Risco Cloud server and supports visual verification with self monitoring via smartphone app or a web browser, enabling homeowners to control their systems from remote locations.

Agility 3 and 4 Wireless Alarm Systems


The main features of Agility 3 and 4 home alarm systems are:

  • Complete wireless security solutions
  • Reliable 2-Way wireless detectors for indoor and outdoor protection.
  • Attractive 2-Way wireless keypad with blue LCD and key back-light which makes it easier to read even in the dark and enables easy operation.
  • Pet friendly detectors allow complete freedom for your pets
  • 2-Way remote control and proximity tag to arm and disarm the system, in addition to PIN code
  • 2-Way wireless external and internal sounders, fully battery powered, 105dBA piezo sound
  • Agility safety wireless sensors send automatic alerts when smoke, gas or carbon monoxide leaks are detected, whether you are at home or away.
  • Emergency transmitters for elderly family members.
  • PSTN, GSM & IP/TCIP communication options
  • Full system control and self monitoring supports via smartphone app or web browser

Additional accessories available for use with Agility 3 & 4

Agility comes with a complete range of wireless indoor and outdoor  detectors including motion detectors with integrated cameras that can take snapshots of an event happening inside your home. In addition it provides a full range of accessories for security, safety and elderly care including wireless smoke, gas, CO and flood detectors to keep your home safe.

Agility Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector & Heat Detector
A two-way wireless combined smoke and heat detector with built-in test button that allows early detection of fire hazards.
Motion Detector with Integrated Camera

eyeWave Motion Detector with Integrated Camera

A wireless detector with a camera
that is automatically activated
when detecting an intrusion,
sending images of the event
directly to the iRisco app on your
Flood Detector
Flood Detector
A wireless detector that
provides early detection of
water-based leaks, including
in basements or near air
conditioners and sinks.
Wireless Sounder
Wireless Sounder
A siren for both indoor and
outdoor use, with simple
installation requirements
Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector
Carbon Monoxide/Gas Detector
A wireless detector that monitors
any buildup of carbon monoxide
(CO) and other poisonous gases,
alerting the control panel in the
event of a hazardous threshold
Risco WatchOUT Dual Technology Detector Grade 3
Outdoor Integrated Camera
A reliable outdoor detector
that uses two PIR and microwave
channels to provide better false
alarm immunity.
Wireless Magnetic Door
Wireless Magnetic Door Contact
Magnetic contacts for
activating alarms in the event
of an intrusion via doors or
Riscos 4 Button Panic Keyfob
Wireless 4 Button Keyfob
A classic remote control with
buttons for arming/disarming your
system conveniently, without the
need for a keypad.
Wireless Curtain Detector
Wireless Curtain Detector
A detector that is designed for the
protection of windows and large
glass doors.
Agility-2 Way Slim keypad
Agility 2-way Slim Keypad White
A 2-way wireless slim LED keypad, allows full system user operation with door chime feature, available in an indoor or
outdoor version.
Wireless Motion Detector
Wireless Motion Detector
An indoor motion detector that
can distinguish between the
movement of intruders and pets
Risco 2 Way Wireless Remote Control
Wireless 8-Buttons Remote Control
A handy pocket size two-way remote control for arm/disarm, also programmable for panic attack.

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