CCTV Security – Benefits for Businesses

In today’s world, businesses face a wide variety of security challenges. One of the biggest and most costly is theft from both employees and customers. However, a CCTV security system, also known as closed circuit television, has a wide variety of benefits because it can help minimize theft and protect your company. These have become a necessary safeguard for many businesses across the country. These types of security systems can use just one single camera or they can be a complex system of multiple cameras and monitors that are watched around the clock.


First, if shoplifters or other potential criminals see a CCTV system installed in your business, they will know that you take crime seriously and they are much less likely to attempt a theft. This will save your business money because it will keep operating costs low. A second benefit will be the ability to use the closed circuit television system to help prosecute criminals in the event of a robbery. The video evidence you collect will help your case in the event of trial or other criminal charges. CCTV security can also help protect against internal theft from employees, which can be a much larger problem than external theft. If your employees know that they are being watched, they are much less likely to steal from your inventory. These security methods are usually much more successful than other efforts such as searches of personal belongings at the end of each shift, which usually just waste time and irritate the employees.


In order to use the CCTV security system in the most effective way, the employees and customers do not need to know where the cameras are installed. However, the positioning is very important and should be considered carefully. Areas of financial transactions, such as cash registers, should always be watched. Another area to consider monitoring is a stock room or storage area that contains large amounts of inventory. In addition, consider installing a camera over the dump or trash area. Although this may seem unnecessary, employees have been known to steal merchandise by throwing it into the trash and coming back for it at a later time.

Another benefit of a CCTV security system is a possible discount on your insurance premium. Finally, if cameras are installed on the exterior of the business, they can also help protect against vandalism or other criminal activity.

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