DIY Home Security System Installation: 4 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid

DIY Home Security System Installation
A home security system is extremely important to protect your home and your family. However, even today, not many homeowners consider it a necessity.


They believe that they live in a secure neighbourhood, which is why there’s no need to invest in an expensive security system. However, what you may not know is that property crimes are quite common in the UK.


It’s estimated that 59% of burglaries take place when the homeowner is at home, whereas around 72% of burglars enter via a door. So, if you don’t want to put your life and possessions at risk, it’s best to install a modern security system. However, if you intend to install it on your own, give up your idea and hire professional services, or else you may end up making the following mistakes:


1. Placing Controls Next to Entrance

When an intruder enters your property, alarm goes off after a slight delay.
Every security system comes with a control panel through which you can turn on or off the system and modify its settings. When installing a security system on their own, some people make the mistake of placing this control panel close to the entrance. It gives intruders the opportunity to turn off the alarm and enter the premises without any fear.


2. Lack of Monitoring

A variety of security systems are available in the market. However, most people prefer to install CCTV cameras to protect their property from burglars. It’s best to hire professional service for this purpose. Not only can they install the system in an efficient way, but also monitor the recording in real-time.


However, when you try to install the system on your own in an attempt to save costs, you’re likely to overlook the importance of CCTV monitoring. A CCTV camera is useless unless someone keeps an eye on the video recording. This way, even if an intruder somehow gets entry in your home, you can contact law enforcement agencies to catch them red-handed.


3. Forgetting Password

You need to set a password for your security system, so that no unauthorized user gains access to confidential information. When you install a security system on your own, there’s a high risk of you forgetting the password. Consequently, your system will go to waste.

On the other hand, professional security companies offer support services. Even if you forget your password, they’ll reset it so that you can use the system just like earlier.


4. Installing System the Wrong Way

Some home security systems are easier to install. However, if you’ve bought a complex security system, you may not be able to install it properly on your own. You may end up damaging the system or connect wires incorrectly. As a result, the system won’t be able to protect you.

Just like installing a security system is essential, it’s important to hire professional services for the same. If you opt for the DIY method, you may end up making some costly mistakes. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to buy a quality system and contact professionals for installation purposes.

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